Now available in English: On the imperial dimension of automotive capitalism

If the 9-Euro-Ticket has shown one thing, it is that we are facing a mobility crisis. While fuel prices are skyrocketing and public transport is in reality only usable in conurbations, the car industry has long since come up with the apparent solution: e-mobility. Almost noiseless and apparently emission-free cars are supposed to provide a remedy for the industry’s sales crisis as well as for the murderous consequences that automobility has on the climate. In this brochure we would like to discuss why this is not even half the truth. To do this, we first looked at the question of where and under what circumstances the raw materials necessary for the transformation of industry are obtained. We then dealt with the global division of labour and what is meant when industry talks about „favourable production conditions“ and how they have come about historically. And finally asked ourselves why German car capital in particular is looking at the African continent and what this has to do with the fact that diesel cars have to be brought to new markets. Because social messes can only last until someone puts an end to them, in the last chapter we took a look at struggles against automotive capitalism that have already been waged and those that still need to be waged.

On the imperial dimension of automotive capitalism (PDF)

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